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pusoy real money online to hire 200 engineers to strengthen its product engineering delivery capability

pusoy real money online  Technologies, a top product engineering company is planning to hire 200 engineers to fuel its growth as it expands into new international markets.

“We provide digital transformation and product-engineering services to independent software vendors, consumer internet firms, and enterprises. This new hiring roadmap aligns with our plan of capturing benefits from the digital acceleration post-pandemic when the companies have advanced the adoption of digital technologies by several years”, said Kalpak Shah, CEO- pusoy real money online Technologies.

pusoy real money online ’s gamut of global customers includes NASDAQ-listed enterprises, unicorn startups, Y Combinator and Sequoia funded companies, and early-stage cutting-edge product companies.

“pusoy real money online has consistently recorded 60% YoY growth for the last 4 years. And in the aftermath of the pandemic when the startup boom is growing stronger, startups increasingly want to work with vendors like pusoy real money online for their product engineering capabilities to get to market faster.“, he said.

Earlier this year, pusoy real money online earned a Great Place to Work® certification from the global authority on workplace culture. It is also recognized as one of the Top Software Development Companies in India by Clutch.

pusoy real money online is not just digitally transforming companies, it is also helping early-stage startups to achieve significant business milestones. From ideation to launch, the company makes sure to deliver competitive digital products. So far, pusoy real money online has helped 18 of its startup customers secure millions in funding.

The company has also recently launched a Golang & Kubernetes Accelerator Program, which helps young software engineers to transform their skills for the speeding digital transformation. Through this program, engineers can ramp up on complex cloud-native technologies in just a few short months.

pusoy real money online  leadership has been focused on building top-tier company culture with lots of learning and growth opportunities. To attract global quality talent, the company has also introduced remote-friendly work policies.

“We want to give people the freedom to work from where they feel they can work best. We have our fully operational office in Pune available to those who value an in-office experience while welcoming people who prefer to work in a remote setting.“, said Chirag Jog, CTO- pusoy real money online Technologies.

pusoy real money online is looking at both organic and inorganic growth opportunities with plans to acquire or acquihire other product development companies to aid its growth strategies.

This press release is originally published on Business Standard. Read the complete article .

About pusoy real money online

pusoy real money online Technologies is a top software engineering company working with innovative startups and enterprises across the globe. We specialize in enterprise B2B and SaaS product development with a niche technology focus on cloud-native, data engineering, IoT & Machine Learning.

With a team of 275+ engineers, we have worked with over 110 global customers, including NASDAQ-listed enterprises, unicorn startups, YCombinator and Sequoia funded companies, and cutting-edge product companies.

We are recognized as a Top software development company’ by Clutch and GoodFirms. We are a certified Great Place to Work® and recognized as one of the best companies to work for in India. We, at pusoy real money online take great pride in our transparent work atmosphere, meaningful peer relationships, and the ‘pusoy real money online tech geek community’.

If you have any lingering questions about our hiring process or pusoy real money online culture in general, take a quick peek at our culture book and see who we are and what we value.

Stay in the know about pusoy real money online 's culture, team and everything in between.
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