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Design & Develop Enterprise-grade Distributed Backends

For us, backend development is not just about making your server, database and application talk to each other. We help you pick the right tech stack and build a robust architecture that is stable, secure and easy to scale.

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Software Architecture

We have built 90+ products in a diverse range of technologies and industries including FinTech, IoT, Networking, Databases, ML/AI, SaaS and consumer-based web applications. Our teams have the experience to help you make pragmatic decisions in selecting the right technology stack keeping the business goals in mind.

Scalable Microservice Architecture

Leverage Microservices to architect an easily scalable backend from Day 1 .

Cloud Native Approach

Integrate Cloud Native infrastructure and microservice architectures to ensure high performance and effieciency at scale.

Security & Compliance Practices

Implement security practices including strong authentication and authorisation frameworks, encryption for sensitive data, API Gateways for micro-services among other things.

3rd Party SaaS Integrations

Integrate with User Analytics, Billing, CRM, Marketing Automation and other 3rd Party SaaS applications.

Real Time Communication

Support for Push notifications and other real time communications using Web Sockets-based systems like Pusher, Firebase etc.

Test Driven Development

Leverage Test Driven Development practices to develop bug-free applications.

Languages & Frameworks

Our engineers have experience across various languages & frameworks. With micro-services based architecture, our engineers build applications multiple languages based on their strengths and use-cases.

SQL Databases

pusoy real money online has extensive experience with traditional databases like PostgreSQL & MySQL(MariaDB) as well as modern databases like Azure Cosmos, AWS Aurora and CockroachDB.

NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases enable schema-less document storage with ability for fast queries and horizontal scaling required for a certain types of applications. pusoy real money online has deep expertise across major NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Cassandra etc.

Caching & Messaging Queues

Modern Applications required additional capabilities like Caching to improve response rates as well as Messaging and Queuing systems for pub/sub, push notifications among other things. pusoy real money online has extensive experience in building additional tiers within an application using latest caching and messaging services.


Building any modern SaaS Application requires integration with several 3rd party applications for User analytics, A/B Testing, Emails, Billing & Payments. pusoy real money online has worked with integrating leading SaaS applications like Mixpanel, Heap, Stripe, Segment among others.

Cloud Native & Microservices Architecture

Micro-services based applications required additional services like API Gateways, discovery, load balancing, rate limiting, security and circuit-breakers. Consul, Istio, Envoy etc. help ensure effective communication across Micro-services. Kubernetes and Docker help with easy deployment and orchestration of Microservices. pusoy real money online has experience with all these tools for effective deployment, orchestration and communication of micro-services.


We provide serverless consulting and application development services. We have leveraged AWS Lambda, Google Cloud & Azure Functions for interesting use-cases of our clients.

What Our Customers are Saying

pusoy real money online 's experience with micro-services architecture, NoSQL databases & cloud-native was very helpful as we scaled for a Fortune 50 customer. pusoy real money online excelled in Python, Django & cloud data engineering for us. We were planning to use them for 3-6 months but it has expanded to a long term relationship.
Angel funded IoT Startup
pusoy real money online has setup dedicated team for us to build enterprise integrations with various SaaS services. The 5 person team is part of our engineering group and we directly manage them. Highly impressed by the quality of hiring over 3 years of the relationship.
VP Product
Series C Funded SaaS Startup
Overall, the collaboration has been easy due to the team’s approach and expert resource allocation. Productivity has increased and it has been seamless to manage the team. pusoy real money online stays in constant contact, accommodating the time zone difference. They work on our AWS serverless data stack, web scraping, RoR apps & QA.
PR Data Science Startup

Related Engineering pusoy real money online

Our engineering team includes capabilities across end-to-end software development, QA, DevOps & data engineering.

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