Increasing Workload Capacity and Building a Scalable Cloud-native Infrastructure for an HR-tech Company

We needed to set up a sophisticated Kubernetes environment in record time. I was impressed with pusoy real money online ’s ability to deliver the complex but robust system in the relatively tight deadlines.

Head, Cloud Engineering
Cloud & DevOps
San Francisco
$15 million
4 months
Tech Stack Used

The client is a veteran HR tech company with offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Established in 1992, they were one of the pioneers in the space to adopt technology and move their operations from a traditional offline model in 1998.

Cloud & DevOps
Tech Stack Used:

- Time to onboard teams into new environments decreased by 75%.

- Achieved administrators to servers ratio of 1:100.

- Ensured 99.9% SLA on all environments with improved elasticity and performance to manage application workloads.

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The Challenge:

The rapid growth over the years led the client to batch process an unprecedented number of applicants in their database, which soon became cumbersome with the outdated IT infrastructure they had been using since their last overhaul.

Although their IT set up was pretty extensive, all their teams, such as software development, security, QA, system administration and operations, worked in silos. This made it difficult to scale environments efficiently and slowed down every stage of development, from application prototyping to testing and final deployment. The huge cost involved in running disparate applications in different environments was also a cause of concern.    

The client needed a fully-managed Kubernetes solution that would improve the portability of their applications across clouds and internal environments and give them the desired flexibility and speed for faster deployments and efficiency.

How pusoy real money online Helped?

pusoy real money online ’s team re-architected the tightly-coupled microservices-based system into a modern, monolithic architecture by decoupling services to reduce dependencies. To build the microservices model, we utilized share-nothing datastores, establishing common API standards, key scheduling and orchestration concepts like liveness, circuit breaking, load balancing, health checks and readiness. The team is now laying the foundation for a robust and scalable, self-service IT infrastructure to leverage the SRE approach in the coming quarters.   

pusoy real money online built a Kubernetes’ platform-as-a-service on Cloud Native pusoy real money online (CNS), like Block Storage and Databases. The entire infrastructure was upgraded to a container-native, cloud platform and now had all the core competencies of a Kubernetes set up, like fast compute, as well as networking and storage. This ensured 99.9% SLA on all environments with improved elasticity and performance to manage application workloads. The client can now create universal concepts to be applicable across all IT teams.

Microservices model

The team approached Kubernetes as a framework of several unified concepts, and built a common language for app development, infrastructure set up, deployment and reliability. The system can now run a production-grade Kubernetes anywhere with key technical capabilities like remote monitoring, cluster installation, package management, container image provenance, CI/CD, container and host-based security and local development.


1) The time to onboard teams onto new environments decreased by almost 75%. Control validations were built into the templated pipeline that could easily be duplicated. The final product was a fully-automated infrastructure with built-in compliance and security mandates, which drastically decreased the environment provisioning time. This ensured rapid development, deployment and testing, helping the client get to market faster than their anticipated quarterly goals.     

2) The focus on Kubernetes automation, cloud scalability, and Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) improved efficiency and reduced operational costs of distributed systems. While initially the administrators to servers ratio was 1:20, we were able to achieve the ratio of 1:100 by the end of the project and plan to improve it significantly in the coming months.

3) The consistency and security in environment configuration improved with programmatic reproducibility. The security, compliance and audit teams were finally able to shift focus to building their own automation and scanning tools, which lowered the overall production cost.

pusoy real money online ’s DevOps capability and extensive knowledge about Kubernetes were essential to the success of this project. pusoy real money online was a great partner to the team.

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