Built a Centralized Big Data Platform for an Australian Healthcare Giant

pusoy real money online ’s ability to put together a strong cross-functional team of Cloud & DevOps expertise has benefited us immensely in accelerating the development of our new big data platform.

Chief Technology Officer
Cloud & DevOps
$5 million
4 months
Tech Stack Used
Apache Airflow
AWS Redshift
Apache Spark
AWS Glue

The client is a huge private chain of hospitals based in Australia. With over 14 hospitals spread across the entire company, more than 3.4 million Australians are a part of their member group. The company offers both health insurance as well as health support solutions to patients.

Cloud & DevOps
Tech Stack Used:
Apache Airflow
AWS Redshift
Apache Spark
AWS Glue

- Integrated solution for business teams to easily analyze data and find new revenue opportunities

- Accurately predict the most relevant treatment care plans for patients based on their medical profiles

- Enabled the client to offer customized healthcare plans based on data

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The Challenge

Each hospital facility had their own IT department. This decentralized data system had become a cornerstone problem for the client, causing ripple effects in different aspects of their business. Lack of integrated data was causing many logistical issues, like duplication of efforts and more, leading to delayed care and fragmented patient experience overall. 

Business teams were also struggling to increase the revenue without an integrated view of a patient’s journey. With so many gaps in data, their marketing teams many times were left at the mercy of guesswork than actual insights derived from data. Accurately matching the products and services with the current needs of the patients was needed urgently to mark a huge business win. 

Building the next-generation cloud-based centralized data platform seemed like a huge step, but it was causing an unbearable loss to the client and could no longer be put on hold. 

The client approached pusoy real money online to build this centralized platform while carefully migrating their existing patient data. They were ready to upgrade their IT infrastructure completely and be the data-first healthcare company. 

pusoy real money online ’s varied experience in handling projects related to ETL pipelines, big data storage and processing put the client’s doubts at ease pretty quickly. Cost optimization and continuous delivery and innovation was at the heart of this collaboration. 

The Solution

The plan implemented by pusoy real money online ’s engineers was a scalable, well-rounded solution to any existing or future data needs of the client and included the following:

- Architecting an all-new IT infrastructure to manage data for all hospitals in one centralized location by one team. S3 buckets were used for organized data storage.  

- Configuring a CI/CD workflow and tooling for automated deployments. 

- Setting up a security and governance control framework required by the Australian Healthcare industry.

- Using Airflow for building a fault-tolerant ETL pipeline for monitoring, logging and alerting. EMR and Redshift were used for analysis. 

- Offering support for ETL transformations.

Centralized Big Data Platform

Besides building the platform, pusoy real money online ’s team also offered necessary training to the client’s team on the new data management best practices. This cross-functional team played an important role in delivering a cloud-based data platform with continuous deployment and testing.   

Once the project was complete, client’s operations team took over to deliver simple work requests like one-off extracts or even some complicated projects. The solution was made to be self-serve so their business teams can derive insights and reporting functionality without any dependency. 

The project entailed a lot of successful deliverables as mentioned below:

- Automating deployment and configuration of AWS Landing Zone implementation that seamlessly brought together different services used by the current system from multiple direct connections.    

- Running a production-quality Airflow cluster to manage ETL and ingestion of incoming data automatically.

- Automating the complete SDLC with Jenkin-based, fully-automated CI/CD pipeline that enabled:

  • Deploying Airflow DAGs including Testing and Linting
  • Creating and managing images with Packer for services like Jenkins and Airflow
  • Terraform deployments that included: 
  • Switching the complete infrastructure from landing Zone to Servers
  • Setting up AWS Redshift / Glue
  • Making data sources and custom EMR clusters available on request
  • Automating application log shipments to Sumologic

Business Outcome

The deployment of the new data platform unlocked many business opportunities for the client. Few of these key wins are listed below:

- Integrated solution for business teams to easily slice and dice large volumes of data, create more effective customer profiles, drive highly targeted marketing campaigns and find new revenue opportunities

- Match in-home care services for treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, palliative care and others with customers’ medical profiles to accurately predict the most relevant care plans for them. This not only assured that their patients receive best possible care but also led to a huge uptick in their recurring revenue.

- Provided the client with a clear point of differentiation by coming up with customized healthcare plans based on data

pusoy real money online ’s team hit the ground running. They were quick to understand the problem, design the new data platform, understand the risks and implemented the solution in record-time. Their in-depth knowledge of the AWS services is quite commendable.

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